Willow Creek Productions


The Background
Willow Creek Productions is a music teaching and recording studio in Palm Desert. We’ve been in business at the same location since 2006 and have expanded, one client at a time, to become a six–day (and sometimes night) a week operation, providing one–on one learning sessions in piano, guitar, and vocal to all ages at all skill levels for all styles of music.

The Difference
What makes this special and different from the old music–teacher–school format is that we do team teaching, ensemble playing, interactive learning and host informal group socials. In short, we use every trick in the book, including online resources, our recording studio capabilities and students teaching students, to keep the players interested, entertained, and coming back for more.

Our client roster is varied and impressive, the studio itself is inviting and casual enough that people tend to stay longer than they should, and professional enough to give them an optimum learning environment.

The Man
Best of all, everyone gets the experience of working with John Hardie, an active professional musician, one who was born to perform and whose enthusiasm for the medium and joy of playing has transferred itself to every student he’s come in contact with.

The Challenge
We invite you to add music to your skill set. Four half–hour lessons in piano, guitar, bass or voice should get you playing or singing at least one song well enough that a listener would recognize it. How easily they recognize it and how quickly you learn it is entirely up to you (it’s called practice), but you will have the rudimentary tools.

Regardless of anyone’s adeptness at learning any given instrument, there have been multiple studies showing that the process itself has a positive impact on verbal memory, math skills, reversing human stress response and alleviating some symptoms of depression.

In short, nothing about music is harmful to your physical, mental or emotional health unless, of course, you drop an electric guitar on your foot.